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Either you run a bank, health care business, academic institution, real estate agency, any non-profit organization, or any Government sector, the use of a pen would be a must – have in your work. Get a tool to raise the bar of your business with bulk promotional pens.

Though it’s a digital era where people write less and type more, yet the pen is still used for signing a check or any critical contract or agreement. Concerning this highlighting role of pens, let your brand get noticed each day with china bulk promotional pens.

Matrix Profit is the leading custom promotional pens supplier that offers the best brands of promotional pens such as; stylish promotional BIC Click Pens, personalized Cross pens, discount promotional Hub pens, and a few.

What Types of Custom Promotional Pens Do We Provide?

Whether you need a custom giveaway for a trade show, new office stationery, customized pens to market your business every day, the best type of pen with writing quality can be beneficial in all regards.
We’ve been inflated with many top custom promotional pens manufacturer so that we can present the best types of promotional pens for you.

Types of bulk promotional pens include;

GEL PEN – this promotional pen takes water-based ink, which enables a smooth writing style. The ink color of the gel pen is quite rich and vivid. And, there’s a big diversity in the number of colors to buy in gel pens.

Ballpoint Pen- One of the most popular types often considered for bulk promotional pens as it uses a rolling action to bestow ink onto paper. The ballpoint pen uses an oil-based ink and is long-lasting. A high percentage of promotional pens consists of ballpoint style for its smooth writing and popularity.

Felt – Tip Pen: This useful pen produces a thicker pen stroke and somehow works like a maker. This bulk promotional pen features fibers made of felt; both come out together to form a point. Also, it uses an alcohol-based ink coats the fiber.

Roller ball Pen – A roller ball pen releases ink just like a ballpoint pen. The only difference is; it uses water-based ink rather than oil-based ink. It provides a smoother writing experience and let the ink to get more saturated in color.

You will find immense variety in China bulk promotional pens; the style of each has its role when it comes to branding business or considering it as a corporate gift items for events and giveaways.

How Our Custom Promotional Pens Are Must to Consider & Convenient to Buy?

We understand it takes a bit of time and budget to design your customize bulk pens, and most time takes in choosing the best one in terms of functionality. In light of this, we being a dedicated custom promotional pens supplier, provide an ultimate convenience in terms of;

  • Writing / Functionality

Our supplied bulk promotional pens are functional. The metal ballpoint pens can make a strong impression on newly decorated desk space, whereas aluminum and plastic pens are likely to be kept in a busy workshop.

At Matrix – Profit, we use sustainable materials. Our recycled pens are handy for spreading your stand to engage new customers and receive admiration from different industries.

Low Price guarantee we aim to contribute the best value to your business. Thus we claim the best price guarantee for bulk promotional pens. Besides, we also offer a free shipping service.

  • Easy Order Query

To get your customized promotional pen, you need to upload your artwork on our Design Lab or try free designs via an online port.

Sounds convincing? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!